Why many of the world's fastest growing companies use Comeet


Viki Alper

Comeet helps create transparency. A lot of people at Fiverr who don't even have HR titles are really involved with recruiting now. That's a big change from before Comeet.

Viki Alper — HR and Recruiting

Recruiting with Comeet Really is Different

"As a manager, using this system has been amazing. Managing the flows, monitoring the HR process, interviewing myself and taking notes. Great work guys!"

Ran Goldstein

Ran Goldstein — VP Mobile

"The UX and overall ease of use are definitely unique in HR software. Compared to everyone else, it's the iPhone of recruiting."

Michal Lubovsky

Michal Lubovsky — Global Recruitment Mgr

"Comeet made recruiting transparent to all, and managers are more involved in the process. Keep up the amazing work!"

Rakia Offer

Rakia Offer — Tech Recruiter

"Comeet is our one platform for recruiting. It's a highly efficient recruiting system with super flexibility."

Neri Peled

Neri Peled — HR Director

"Comeet made a tremendous difference. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to take their recruiting process 10 steps forward."

Yaniv Makover

Yaniv Makover — CEO

"Very pleased with Comeet and would recommend it to others. It really brings HR teams and hiring managers together. Great tech support."

Nicole Farael

Nicole Farael — HR Manager


Adi Stern

I use Comeet every day to manage our entire recruiting process. They've automated many manual tasks and added a lot of nice, thoughtful features. Despite all the functionality, ease of use is basically off the charts. It takes about five minutes for new users to become comfortable. Seriously!

Adi Stern — HR Manager

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