Why We Do What We Do

Tommy Dikerman

Why do so many people throw themselves into the startup world where there is no shortage of rejection, frustration and struggle?

First, that’s part of the fun – the heroic struggle to overcome odds and the doubts of strangers and people on the outside of your company. Second is the satisfaction of seeing a vision, often originally delivered on PowerPoint slides, materialize and take flight. Less public – but no less meaningful – are the unexpected “thank yous.” Some days, you can log into work on an unremarkable Tuesday, like our Customer Support team did last month, to find some customer feedback that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Why We Do What We Do at Comeet

Unsolicited. Unexpected. Unforgettable. Thank you. 

Feedback like this is why we do what we do at Comeet

We are working hard to make our technology a change agent for talent acquisition and our company a place where people come to work with a sense of purposeful commitment. Receiving this kind of feedback from someone who’s only been using our collaborative recruiting system for several months connects both objectives.

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