The Secret to Hiring Managers’ Engagement

Nigel Ravenhill

Case Study: The Secret to Hiring Managers’ Engagement Is Choosing a Recruiting System They Love


GuardiCore a Comeet ATS success story

When Ilan Stern, GuardiCore’s new VP of HR, arrived in Sept. 2017, he knew he had to replace Workable as the company’s ATS because hiring managers found it unyielding and hard to work with.

It was through peer recommendations that Stern found out about Comeet and conducted a demo. To his discovery, Comeet was indeed a flexible and collaborative platform. With the approval of hiring managers, Stern thought it was exactly what the company needed to boost its headcount by 4x by 2019.

Ever since then, Stern has been thrilled by the results:

“Comeet has been amazing. The hiring manager’s user experience is so much better and more flexible than Workable.”


“Comeet felt like home because it was the first time in my 25-year career that my recruitment system reflected my process. It felt like Comeet was developed by people who really understood recruiting.

Hiring managers adopted Comeet swiftly with enthusiasm because of its ease of use. They came to me and said that they’re in love with the recruiting system. It’s the first time in my HR career that I’ve experienced that.

Comeet has simply become something we can’t live without. We use it for everything, including referrals, job posts, and executive recruiting.

We’ll probably double in size through 2019 and Comeet will be a big part of it.”
– Ilan Stern, Vice President of Human Resources

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