Finding the Hidden Gems In Your Candidate Database

Barry Lenson

Advanced Search is now available to all Comeet customers. Every Comeet role has an Advanced Search button at the top of their account, a modest square that can help you resurface now-perfect candidates hidden in the depths of your database using keywords, subject tags and more than 30 pre-set search filters.

Discover Promising Candidates From the Past

You’ve probably interviewed people who, though talented, weren’t an ideal fit. Rather than let them forever disappear, you can now easily find them again thanks to keyword matching of resumes and interview comments. Ingrid, who wasn’t quite right for the Benelux channel sales position last year? She may be absolutely perfect for the new Euro Developer Relations opening. Filtering by status, dates and progress, workflows, evaluation histories, sourcing, position and personal details will help you refine the process.

Give Hiring Managers More Independence

Advanced Search will also reduce the reliance of hiring managers on recruiters for information and data. Filters, custom filters and bookmarked searches will help managers better understand and manage the recruiting activities of their hiring teams.

There are many ways to use this search functionality. If you’re curious about how it can help you uncover the talents and learnings hidden in your database and recruiting workflows, just click on that little button. (You can also read our Support Article for more info).

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