New Offer Approvals & E-Signing Closes Candidates Faster

Nigel Ravenhill

Improve Your Time to Hire with New Offer Approvals & E-Signing

It’s an exciting day. Our new Offer Approvals & E-Signing functionality streamlines everything you need to ensure transparency and accountability and close candidates fast. This new functionality, which covers offer letter generation, internal approvals, and sending letters for e-signing, is simple, secure, and fully integrated into position workflows. 

Offer Letter Generation

  • Create a library of offer letter templates for your recruiters
  • Offer letters generated automatically using the candidate, position and offer details

Internal Approval of Offer Letter

  • Streamline your internal approval process by routing offers to the right people in the right order
  • Approvers can approve (or not) offers right in their email – no need to login to Comeet 
  • Collect feedback and affirmatives in one place

Access and Permission Security

  • You’ll always see who has access to an offer letter
  • Updating permissions is quick and simple

E-signing of the Offer Letter

  • Automatically send offer letters for easy e-signing (on desktop and mobile) without leaving Comeet
  • All document and signing events are captured in an audit trail

Adding Offer Approvals & E-signing to your Comeet account

  1. It’s simple; there’s no setup required. 
  2. You will want to either upgrade or purchase an Advanced or Ultimate pricing plan to use this feature
  3. Our detailed Support Article in the Comeet KnowledgeBase has all the details.

Offer Letters and E-signing reduces the time it takes to ask your first-choice candidates to join your company.
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