Job Board Integrations: Dec. 2018 Update

Nigel Ravenhill

(While they’re all headquartered on the eastern side of North America, our newest job board partners can help you find the right candidate across the globe)

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Sourcing new job board partners for Comeet is not unlike working as a Trader Joe’s product sourcer seeking interesting brands and private label partners. In both roles, you’re expected to be curious, relentless and willing to look anywhere on the planet.

We’re always seeking new ways to help companies hire faster. Whether it’s adding new functionality to the Comeet platform, identifying regional, specialty, or global job boards, or uncovering complementary sourcing channels, our Partner Relations team scans the globe for ways to help our customers introduce their employment opportunities to promising candidates.

Our latest job board integrations can definitely help our customers find the right people, whether they’re senior managers or aspirational interns:


Formerly known as, Nexxt may sport a relatively new brand but it’s well known among HR professionals as a high-volume sourcing channel. The Nexxt talent network, which includes more than 60 million candidate profiles, combines a variety of over 50 niche career websites, software applications, services and analytical tools that help companies dig deeply into candidates and talent pool data to find the ideal match.

MyJobHelper is one of the fastest growing job sites in the world. Launched in 2012, MyJobHelper hosts millions of openings from organizations in ten countries that are viewed by over 20 million registered users. Featured on notable “fastest growing companies” lists published by companies like Inc. and Deloitte, MyJobHelper is a promising option for employers that want to showcase their brands and “come work with us” stories.


Founded in Montreal in 2011, Neuvoo is a job search engine aggregating jobs from companies’ career websites, staffing agencies, and job boards. With a mission to become the world’s largest job and salary database, Neuvoo operates in 65 countries and welcomes over 30 million monthly visitors.

Integrating Job Boards to Your Comeet Account

Job boards can be easily added to or removed from your recruiting program by adjusting Preferences in your Comeet account. Log in. Change your options. Relax.

As we improve the sourcing tools and options available in Comeet, expect more announcements in 2019. If there are any job boards or sourcing apps and services you’d like to see integrated with Comeet, let us know.

Happy recruiting!