How Comeet Decreases Your Critical Time to Hire

Barry Lenson

Time to hire is the number of days that pass between the time you define a job you need to fill and the day your new employee arrives and starts working.

If it sounds like a “nice to know” metric, please think again, because the more you can shorten the time to recruit without reducing the quality of the people you hire, the more powerful your entire hiring process becomes.

Why? Because a shorter time to hire. . .

What Can Cause Overly Long Times to Recruit?

There are many causes, including . . .

  • Failure to correctly define the content of the job to be filled, which requires backtracking and rethinking the hiring process.
  • Certain members of the hiring team are slow to act and respond to applicants.
  • Difficulty in contacting people who have applied for your jobs, usually caused by reliance on outmoded technologies like phones.
  • Indecisive hiring teams who take too long to identify the best candidates, make job offers, and execute other critical steps.
  • Failure to file hiring-related documents in your system.
  • Allowing applicants too much time to accept your offer.

All Those Little Problems Can Be Caused by One Big One . . .

They all crop up when a company fails to use a modern applicant tracking system to track all the details at every step of filling a job, from defining it to the day a new hire walks in the door. You need optimal efficiency at every step in that process to be sure that no time is lost due to inefficiency, investing too much time doing the wrong things, or other problems.

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