From 3 to 300: How Comeet Powered Guesty’s Growth

Nigel Ravenhill

Guesty has grown from a “sounds-like-a-good-idea” to market leadership with Comeet.

From 3 to 300 How Comeet Powered Guesty's GrowthWhen the rise of Airbnb made it simple for homeowners to rent their local homes and lodges to a global audience, Guesty’s founders realized that outsourced property management would become a viable industry. They’ve since developed a SaaS product for managers to handle the logistics and operational activities for multiple properties.

Having identified an unmet need, they’ve started a company and were looking to fill their org chart. After implementing Comeet with only 3 employees in 2013, Guesty expects to hire its 300th employee by 2019.

“We’ve grown ridiculously fast in a short period of time. Our hiring team is on Comeet every day, posting jobs, managing tasks, communicating with hiring managers, team members, and candidates - of course.”

Director of HR Tal Sieger loves the fact that “Comeet is easy-to-use and helps organize a recruiter’s life.” With four full-time recruiters working to fill an average of 20–30 open positions, there is a lot to organize.

“Automation handles many tasks that would’ve been otherwise done manually. As a result, you can do and accomplish much more. It does what a recruitment system is supposed to do and much more.”

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