Rethinking: Recruiting


Are You Using Only 5% of Your Hiring Software?

We enjoyed a recent Chad & Cheese podcast in which those two very smart wise guys talked with Nathan Perrot, who is VP, Digital Marketing Solutions-Employer Brand at AIA. Chad Sowash, Joel Cheesman and Nathan uncovered some important topics related to recruiting that we’ll return to in future posts here on the Comeet Blog. But …

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The Fifty-Percent Solution

Should you be hiring part-timers instead of full-time staff? Are you having no luck recruiting candidates for jobs you are trying to fill? There are many underlying reasons it can happen. They can sometimes be difficult to identify, but the symptoms are obvious. Maybe every applicant who applies turns out to be one of those …


Machine Learning in the Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence is finding new applications just about everywhere today. In a minute, we’ll take a look at its future applications in hiring. But since we can learn a lot from an example, let’s start with an instance of how it is working in another sector – medicine. Predictive Analytics in Health Care In years …


How Do You Track Job Candidates?

 . . . Why Doing It the Right Way Saves Big Money There are many reasons to carefully track job candidates, but one of the easiest to overlook is that careful candidate tracking saves money. (That’s right . . . it saves money.) If you doubt it, consider these two recent hiring experiences. The Vanishing …

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Deeper Indeed Integration & New Job Boards

Indeed: Integrated Prescreen Questionnaires We’ve improved sourcing on Indeed for both recruiters and candidates. Candidates applying on Indeed can complete the application process easily without leaving, including using their saved Indeed profile. If you use questionnaires to screen applicants, candidates can answer them directly on Indeed. Employer Branding We’ve integrated new employer branding channels. Similar …