Rethinking: Recruiting Tips

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Boost Internal Hires

Do you encourage your employees to apply for internal positions? If not, you are truly missing out on incredible candidates! We’ve added a new option that makes it easy for current employees to apply for a position in your company. Source will be noted as “Employees.” Source Type will be listed as “Internal mobility.” How …

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The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Structured Interviews

Learn more about Comeet’s collaborative recruiting platform. Click here to register to join our upcoming demo. The latest Talent Tech Labs report discusses the importance of having a great candidate experience in an increasingly competitive candidate’s market. Having a consistent hiring process is critical for a company’s hiring success, which includes candidate acceptance and onboarding as well …

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The Utter Uselessness of Unstructured Job Interviews

On April 8, The New York Times shined a mass media spotlight on a too-common experience that we help our customers avoid; unstructured job interviews fail to produce the outcomes companies expect. We absolutely agree; meandering chats about food, favorite Napa Valley varietal or Bucket List travel destinations should only happen after confirmation that the candidate actually knows how …

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How Clicktale Creates Engaged Hiring Teams

Background Founded in 2006, Clicktale has enjoyed a steady rise from aspirational startup to member of the ecommerce technology establishment. By helping its customers understand consumer behavior, needs, and intent through digital conversations spanning the Web, mobile and apps, it has built a stellar customer list. Walmart, Adobe, The New York Times, Bank of America, …

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You are probably asking illegal interview questions

Knowing what not to ask is as important as knowing what to ask during the hiring process. Unintentionally Illegal When hiring a new employee, want to get to know them as well as possible so you can make the best hire for your company. But, not all questions are ‘kosher’ and those that fall outside …