Rethinking: Hiring


How Comeet Decreases Your Critical Time to Hire

Time to hire is the number of days that pass between the time you define a job you need to fill and the day your new employee arrives and starts working. If it sounds like a “nice to know” metric, please think again, because the more you can shorten the time to recruit without reducing …


From 3 to 300: How Comeet Powered Guesty’s Growth

Guesty has grown from a “sounds-like-a-good-idea” to market leadership with Comeet. When the rise of Airbnb made it simple for homeowners to rent their local homes and lodges to a global audience, Guesty’s founders realized that outsourced property management would become a viable industry. They’ve since developed a SaaS product for managers to handle the …


Machine Learning in the Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence is finding new applications just about everywhere today. In a minute, we’ll take a look at its future applications in hiring. But since we can learn a lot from an example, let’s start with an instance of how it is working in another sector – medicine. Predictive Analytics in Health Care In years …


Is It Too Early for You to Start Using an ATS?

Both insects and companies have life cycles. The difference is that you can read about the life cycle of insects in a textbook and know pretty much what is going to happen when. With businesses, the different stages of growth are harder to predict and often catch companies by surprise. A few examples . . …

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Do You Value Candidate Engagement?

If you were applying for a job, which of these two companies would you rather work for? Company A, which is hiring, feels like a castle that is protected by a moat and a drawbridge. You can see it, you think it is impressive, but exactly how can you get inside? What is going on …


Consider the offer signed

How a strong marketing candidate bailed at the last minute to a counter offer Background At my startup, we’ve developed an AI-powered SDR automation platform and have reached Product Market Fit. It is now time to hire our first marketer. Through my network, I was referred to a candidate we really liked (for anonymity purposes I …

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How to Train Your Hiring Managers on Proper Candidate Interview Techniques

To effectively attract top talent and stay competitive, organizations must reevaluate and enhance their talent acquisition processes to engage candidates before, during, and after the interview, using personalized communication at every step as part of an overall strategic candidate experience journey. Recent Bersin by Deloitte research shows that developing strong relationships with hiring managers is the top …