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From 3 to 300: How Comeet Powered Guesty’s Growth

Guesty has grown from a “sounds-like-a-good-idea” to market leadership with Comeet. When the rise of Airbnb made it simple for homeowners to rent their local homes and lodges to a global audience, Guesty’s founders realized that outsourced property management would become a viable industry. They’ve since developed a SaaS product for managers to handle the …

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The Secret to Hiring Managers’ Engagement

Case Study: The Secret to Hiring Managers’ Engagement Is Choosing a Recruiting System They Love Situation When Ilan Stern, GuardiCore’s new VP of HR, arrived in Sept. 2017, he knew he had to replace Workable as the company’s ATS because hiring managers found it unyielding and hard to work with. It was through peer recommendations …


How Do You Track Job Candidates?

 . . . Why Doing It the Right Way Saves Big Money There are many reasons to carefully track job candidates, but one of the easiest to overlook is that careful candidate tracking saves money. (That’s right . . . it saves money.) If you doubt it, consider these two recent hiring experiences. The Vanishing …


Is It Too Early for You to Start Using an ATS?

Both insects and companies have life cycles. The difference is that you can read about the life cycle of insects in a textbook and know pretty much what is going to happen when. With businesses, the different stages of growth are harder to predict and often catch companies by surprise. A few examples . . …

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Boost Internal Hires

Do you encourage your employees to apply for internal positions? If not, you are truly missing out on incredible candidates! We’ve added a new option that makes it easy for current employees to apply for a position in your company. Source will be noted as “Employees.” Source Type will be listed as “Internal mobility.” How …


Case Study: Sodastream Uses Comeet to Grow

The “iPhone of Recruiting” Keeps Sodastream Growing Comeet helps Sodastream coordinate 8 recruiters, boost hiring efficiency, and improve global recruiting. Sodastream’s star has soared in recent years, with a NASDAQ listing, a high-profile Super Bowl XLIX ad campaign, and explosive brand awareness. This put pressure on the HR team to feed growth with a stream …