Case Study: Sodastream Uses Comeet to Grow

Nigel Ravenhill

The “iPhone of Recruiting” Keeps Sodastream Growing

Comeet helps Sodastream coordinate 8 recruiters, boost hiring efficiency, and improve global recruiting.

Sodastream’s star has soared in recent years, with a NASDAQ listing, a high-profile Super Bowl XLIX ad campaign, and explosive brand awareness. This put pressure on the HR team to feed growth with a stream of new hires. After Michal Lubovsky joined in 2013 as Global Recruitment Manager, a priority was upgrading recruiting technology.

“Sodastream’s rapid growth created a lot of gaps in our systems. Process issues are common for growth companies, but with an average of 50-60 open positions, we needed to close them. This meant replacing spreadsheets and Outlook, and consolidating everything on a modern recruiting platform that could grow with us.”

Defining What a Global Recruiting Platform Must Do

A former Talent Acquisition Manager at Teva Canada and Intel Israel, Lubovsky spent a year conducting a needs analysis and creating a systems requirement spec. The spec defined a platform to power all global recruiting activities; from screening resumes and scheduling interviews, to evaluating candidates and generating reports.

“We looked at pretty much every vendor that matters in the ATS and recruiting software industry. Many were just too big and complicated for us – even their vanilla versions. We often found the application process was not very easy, among other things, and just weren’t convinced the cost was justifiable.”

Meeting The iPhone of Recruiting

During the vendor review, a professional colleague recommended Lubovsky consider Comeet. Having already defined a system specification, and newly familiar with the shortcomings of other vendors, she added it to the list of potential vendors. The Comeet trial period lasted two months, which proved it was the best mix of functionality and affordability. She stopped looking.

“Comeet’s user interface and overall ease of use are key differentiators, and definitely unique in HR software. Compared to everyone else, who struggle to make cumbersome processes easy, Comeet is the iPhone of recruiting. It combines a lot of features, and a UI and UX into a really functional and efficient recruiting system for candidates, recruitment teams and managers.”


Lubovsky has been progressively deploying throughout Sodastream. She describes the training process as “painless and successful,” something she found surprising as few Sodastream recruiters or Hiring Managers had any prior experience with Applicant Tracking Systems. A brief training session later, and Lubovsky reports that trainees are able to understand how Comeet works, create job postings, add candidates, review resumes and begin customizing hiring workflows.

“Comeet is so much easier and more efficient than what we did before. It’s been very easy for everyone to pick up. Their new abilities to do things, such as comb the database for existing candidate profiles, puts a smile on a lot of faces and saves hours and hours.”

Influencing Comeet’s Product Roadmap

Lubovsky is also influencing Comeet’s future by delivering feedback to customer service and technical teams on features and functionality she values.

“I’d describe Comeet to my recruiting peers as an ultra-advanced recruiting platform that’s clean, neat, and professional. Comeet also has an amazing technical team that continuously improves the platform. This is vital for us because we now depend on Comeet as the central nervous system for our recruiting teams globally.”