Case Study: Redis Labs’ Recruiting Surge Powered by Comeet

Nigel Ravenhill

Redis Labs, open source cloud database hoster and 2013 Gartner Cool Vendor, had big growth plans. It didn’t have an HR department so it hired Adi Stern to run everything. She didn’t have a recruiting platform to grow so she evaluated vendors like Jobvite, The Resumator and Comeet. Comeet has helped her manage Redis Labs’ recruiting surge. Headcount jumped 40% in six months and will double by December 2015. 


“Comeet’s ease of use is basically off the charts.” – Adi Stern, HR Manager, Redis Labs

Wanted: Hot startup seeks HR pro to do everything

Within a year of its 2011 founding, Redis Labs had already made CRN’s 2012 list of 10 hot tech startups. The recognition was prophetic. Hosting cloud versions of the popular Redis and Memcached open source databases, Redis Labs has become “one of the leading players in the enterprise-grade Redis space” (Cloud Computing Today). Accolades have continued to pile up as the number of paying customers has grown past 5,000, including Atlassian and Bleacher Report, the 2nd busiest sports website in the world.

Adi Stern, an experienced startup recruiter with a decade of experience building teams in various IT sectors, joined in October 2014 to build Redis Labs’ HR department from scratch. Eight months later, she remains a department of one – handling all HR and recruiting functions for the Tel Aviv HQ and Mountain View, CA sales and marketing office. Having already hired 20 new employees in her first 10 months, she will add 10 more by the end of 2015, bringing total headcount to 62. Comeet’s collaborative recruiting platform makes it all possible.

As recruitment manager for a number of high-growth companies, Stern was very familiar with Applicant Tracking Systems, and had hands-on experience with several recruiting software vendors. One of her first tasks upon arrival was benchmarking Comeet, Jobvite, Jazz (formerly The Resumator), and two Israeli vendors.

“I decided to go with Comeet. I thought the other systems were too heavy and would require a fair amount of user training. In contrast, I found Comeet very friendly and intuitive and really easy to navigate. The positives were just too great to ignore.”

Ease of Use Tops Selection Criteria

One characteristic topped Stern’s selection criteria.

“Ease of use was and remains number one. The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are both very good. I really like how Comeet has created an easy way to organize hiring workflows to identify and hire the right person. Though it wasn’t at the top of my list, customer support has also been superb.”

Powering Growth

With Comeet providing structure and automating so many of her administrative tasks, Stern can focus on talent identification and acquisition. She’s filled openings across the company’s org chart: from engineering and R&D, to sales and marketing.

“I use Comeet every day for everything. I manage our entire recruiting process, starting with filtering CVs and sending the better ones to the hiring manager. Comeet automates so many manual tasks such as contacting candidates, and scheduling interviews. There are a lot of nice, thoughtful features like automatically grabbing candidate photos from external sources, such as social media accounts.”

The Shortest Learning Curve in The HR Tech World

One of Stern’s biggest surprises has been the absence of any problems on-boarding new users. It’s been painless.

“It takes about 5 minutes for new users to become comfortable. Seriously. The training curve with other recruiting software is so much higher. In the past, I would schedule 30 plus minutes to train a Hiring Manager. Comeet is so much different – I just send an email invite and that’s all. You just add your teammate’s email and he/she starts working.”

The growth trajectory of Redis Labs in 2016 and beyond is aggressive. Adi Stern is going to contribute to their growth by using Comeet to help her hire the kind of talent to ensure company revenues rise upward to the right.