2016 Mid-Year Review At Comeet

Omer Tadjer

Mid-Year Review: New Investors, A Lot More Customers and Relentless Innovation

We are already six months into 2016 – that was fast – and it’s time for a mid-year review, a quick summary of developments inside and outside Comeet.

Investment News:

We just announced closing of our $1.2 million seed round, and are thrilled with the confidence that our new and existing investors have shown in our collaborative recruiting vision. Investors included David Cao, former VP, HR Global Operations at Alibaba Group; David Windley, President of IQTalent Partners and former Chief Human Resources Officer at Yahoo!; and Yahoo! CFO Ken Goldman. David W. and Ken have been Comeet champions for several years, while David C. is a new member of our investor group. We looked forward to taking advantage of his expertise and recruiting experience in Asia.

Sales Growth:

Since we formally launched commercial sales in Q1 2015, Comeet has definitely taken the Israeli startup market by storm. In North America, we are also seeing rising awareness translate into customers such as Innovid and Zoom.

In Israel, we have tremendous brand recognition and sales momentum among the growth stars of Startup Nation; over 100 Israeli companies have chosen or switched to Comeet to build their global teams.

What’s also really cool for us is when we see our customers, companies like Fiverr, Datorama, Playtika, Playbuzz and SolarEdge on industry or technology “Best-of” lists. It’s increasingly common. Here are a few of them:

Gartner Group: Cool Vendors in Data-Driven Marketing

  • Datorama

Israel21c: 11 Israeli MarTech Companies to Watch

  • Clicktale, Como, Datorama

Inc: 15 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2016

  • Checkmarx, DaPulse, Gett, Illusive Networks

It’s also super satisfying in a highly competitive market such as HR Tech to win new business with customers that conduct competitive vendor reviews. In the last six months, we have bested other HR Tech vendors such as Greenhouse, Lever, Workable, Smart Recruiters, Jazz and Jobvite in multiple reviews, proving that we really have something distinct and desired in the market.

Customer Success:

The reasons why Comeet sales are taking off are fundamentally simple:

1. Collaborative recruiting helps our customers make better and faster hiring decisions.

2. Our platform greatly reduces the inefficiencies in talent acquisition as a whole, and recruitment processes, in particular.

3. Comeet makes engaged hiring a reality, which reduces poor hiring decisions.

4. Employees of our customers really, really, really enjoy using our software.

At Clicktale, for example, engagement isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a happy reality; over 25% employees are using Comeet to actively participate in recruiting. As Clicktale Tech Recruiter Rakia Offer told us when we spoke to her in April; “About 55 of our 210 employees have Comeet accounts. I’ve never heard of any recruiting software with this reach.”

Read about Rakia’s Comeet experience: How Clicktale Creates Engaged Hiring Teams

Engineering & Development:

Comeet Co-founder & Chief Product Officer Tomer Dikerman manages a fantastically productive development team. As he likes to say, “We are committed to helping transform the way companies grow.” Here is Tommy, the bearded one in the middle, with some of the dev and support team. 

Comeet Dev Team

Product Innovation:

2016 has seen a flurry of product updates, from calendar integrations to government compliance requirements for recruiting in America. The vast majority of new features originate with customer requests. When you speak as often we do with our customers, you know exactly what they want to see in future updates. We are happy to deliver them.

Edge Engineering:

Our customers have used Comeet to hire talent in more than 20 countries on every continent. When we promote how Comeet enables companies to decentralize recruiting to wherever it makes sense – from the head office all the way down to a local office – this assumes super-high system availability, reliability and performance.

The engineering team has focussed on increasing performance and stability for the growing numbers of Comeet users round the world. This resource investment in edge engineering ensures that what we promise in our sales meetings aligns with customer expectations and experiences.

Finally, we look forward to welcoming our summer interns to our head office this week, and introducing them to the world of fast-paced planning and execution.

That’s all for our mid-year review. Thank you for your interest in Comeet and enthusiastic support.