2015 Year in Review

Nigel Ravenhill

Before January and 2016 capture everyone’s attention, we wanted to cast a final and contented look in the mirror to 2015 and give you a 2015 Year in Review from our perspective.

As a young technology company, it was a scramble. If you’ve ever worked, or are working, in a startup environment, in any industry, you know the experience. (You may even fondly recall those days and nights). It’s a “let’s do better” process of continual improvement. Your product or service functionality gets better. Your marketing and messaging resonate more clearly and succinctly, and your sales team conducts more demos and closes more customers. You improve the way you help customers onboard, then learn how to better help them once they start using your offering. This was 2015 for Comeet. Here are some of our milestones and notable achievements:

Going Global: Foothold in Scandinavia

After launching in Tel Aviv, and spending Spring 2014 in an UpWest Labs accelerator program in the Silicon Valley, we returned to the Valley in 2015 with a more long-term vision. We opened an office in Palo Alto, which has enabled us to network and be more visible in the marketplace.

We Launched. We Demoed. We Closed.

We’re delighted with the enthusiasm for our collaborative recruiting technology in North America and Europe. We welcomed new customers in both markets, and our first Scandinavian customers! Yeah. Very delighted to see this momentum, especially in countries where we don’t actively sell. Companies there typically find out about us, then contact us for a demo. That’s the benefit of a building an enterprise software product that people really enjoy using, and one that touches many more people in a company than recruiting software from the “other guys.”

Product Evolution: Comeet is Growing

Chief of Product Tommy did an amazing job this year, taking a platform one year out of beta and managing its progressive evolution. From a newborn to a complete product fit for small and medium companies alike, Comeet has blossomed. This 2015 Year in Review would resemble a novella if we listed all the upgrades. In the interest of brevity, highlights include macro functionalities like the Employee referral program, Advanced search, and integrated communication with candidates, agencies and internal hiring teams. Dozens of individual features were added, integrated calendars for event and venue scheduling and automatic handling of duplicate candidates, and improvements for customers in China and Taiwan.

2015 UX Award for User Experience Awesomeness

“Our software is easy to use” is kind of a vanilla marketing statement that almost every B2B software vendor makes. If you’re a UX Awards winner – as we were in 2015 – you can state that as fact – not opinion. The Awesomeness barrier separates the elite from the average. When we shared the stage at the awards dinner in New York in November, with fellow winners like Google, SAP and MailChimp, we crossed that line. (You can read more about the award here).

2015 UX Awards-Comeet

Startup Recruiting Trends and Analysis

This was a fun project. We released Israeli Startup Recruiting 2015, our first research report in November. It was a research project initiated by Aliza, one of our summer interns, who did a splendid job. She collected and sifted through more than 100,000 applications submitted through Comeet to some of Israeli fastest-growing startups. After identifying some noteworthy data points (>80% STEM positions were filled by men), her conclusions and recommendations provided an efficiency roadmap for maximizing your recruiting budget ROI; whether you’re filling an executive office or hiring a sales manager in Chicago.

Download the report here.

Why We Win: Selling in a Competitive Market

Omer and Amit had a great year in sales, helped as they were by our customers and friends in the recruiting industry. Most of our sales activity originated from their recommendations. To everyone who praised Comeet to their co-workers and colleagues, THANK YOU!

The activity translated into a stellar customer list, particularly for the first year of commercial sales. Here are just some of the customers using Comeet:

AppsFlyer, Blazemeter, Checkmarx, Chegg, Clicktale, Conduit, Freightos, Gartner Group Innovation Center, Gett, Innovid, IronSource, Matomy, Payoneer, Playbuzz, Plymedia, Redis Labs, Sodastream, Songo Media, Taboola and Teridion.

Customers: Backed By Wicked Smart People

An additional validation point, in terms of traction, is looking at some of the investors backing those visionary entrepreneurs.

VCs Backing Comeet Customers

How We Get Referrals: Happy Customers Tell Their Friends

This is why we do what we do.

“Comeet is life-changing” – Fiverr “Comeet is the iPhone of recruiting”– Sodastream
“Off-the-charts ease of use ” – Redis Labs “Great work, especially the UI/UX” – Crossrider
“Recruiting logistics and administration are easy, one-click processes” – Clicktale “Creates transparent process, accountability and efficiency” – Innovid

Overall, we had a very successful year. We grew, we’re growing and we’re using our technology to expand our org chart. Finally, a huge thank you to our investors for their continued support.

We’re ready for 2016.
– Team Comeet